Modern Dressers and Chest of Drawers

A stylishly modern dresser is an essential addition to an already finished or soon to be renovated contemporary bedroom. Whether you choose to feature it front and center along your room’s wall, or set in the corner of your guest room, a bedroom dresser draws on both function and aesthetic considerations. On the surface, a bedroom dresser is simply a furnishing designed to help store and sort your clothing, but viewed holistically, the dresser you choose impacts the greater look and feel of the room it’s placed in.

Dresser Versatility - From material choice to color selection and design, a modern dresser or chest of drawers is one of the largest and most visible pieces of furniture in a room, giving you the opportunity to make a strong design statement to friends and family. To best showcase your contemporary dresser in the room it’s placed in, make sure to complement the dresser’s color and materials with that of the furniture surrounding it. A black or white dresser with a mirror can appear seamless in a similarly minimalist styled room, while rich walnut or cherry finishes best complement an earthy, more vintage ensemble. To ensure your shopping experience for a new dresser or chest of drawers is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, GharPyara stocks a wide assortment of dressers with mirrors and without from popular brands like South Shore, Andover Mills, and Glory Furniture.

Dresser Designs - When shopping for a new dresser or chest of drawers, there are a variety of different dresser designs and structures you can choose from. The most popular dresser design, and what likely come to mind when you think of the term, is the standard dresser featuring anywhere from 2 to 8 or more drawers in a vertical or horizontal layout. Standard dressers often come in the 3 drawer dresser or 6 drawer dresser varieties, although many other drawer counts are available. Another popular dresser structure is the double or combo dresser, that features two columns of drawers, or in the combo dresser’s case, one column of drawers and a small cabinet for bulkier storage. Less common dresser types that are nevertheless worth noting are the Gentleman’s chest, whose wider structure lets it feature any number of drawers alongside a large wardrobe cabinet to hang clothes, and the taller and narrower Lingerie chest that is ideal for narrow spaces and storing smaller objects.

Dresser Height + Drawer Number - Dresser height and drawer number are oftentimes a function of the type and size of the dresser you are looking for, but because the search for a new dresser often hinges on the storage space and drawer number it provides, dresser capacity is certainly worth mentioning. As noted prior, dresser design has an inherent impact on the height, width, and drawer count of the dresser you choose. While lingerie chests make for the perfect tall dresser that you can slot in just about any space, that narrow form limits their storage capacity. On the other hand, a wider 3 drawer dresser or 6 drawer double dresser will naturally have more storage space but a far wider footprint. It is important to have a general idea about the amount of space you will want or need before choosing a dresser type or drawer capacity.

GharPyara is your go to source for modern and contemporary Dressers + Chests online. GharPyara's wide selection of Dressers + Chests spans the modern design spectrum with offerings from brands like EQ3 and House of Hampton®. GharPyara offers free shipping on most orders over $49 and a worry-free 30-day return policy, so whether you are shopping for a Lorraine 6 Drawer Dresser or a Taumsauk 6 Drawer Dresser you can rest assured that GharPyara has the best Dressers + Chests for your needs.

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