Sofa Set - An imperative treasure for your living room

Sofa Set - An imperative treasure for your living room

Sofa Set Online Price: A sofa for living space is as important as a regal crown for a king. This sophisticated yet comfortable furniture is an essential part of the dwelling. Couch sets spruce up a living room and add grace and charm to your house. Most of us spend a quality time with our loved ones in the living area, and that makes this place the treasure of the house. To deck up this area, we surely need an exclusive and a perfect couch set to cherish each lived moment. Enjoy watching television, playing video games, reading a book with a hot cup of coffee and nattering with friends with this piece of furniture.

Sofa set online Shopping: An Exclusive Collection

Buy Sofa Set Online: If you have a strong desire to gift your house a makeover with a brand new couch set. However, a feeling of apprehension to roam every local store worries you then, say a goodbye to all the fears and buy a luxurious yet comfy sofa set online by just sitting at your house or maybe at office and order the one that matches your house decor. You will find a broad range of sofa set designs for living room on Wooden Street that will undoubtedly tempt you to order one for your home. Plethora of designs and styles provides you unlimited options to choose from. If you have a designer within you, then unleash your capability and customize them to make it look unique for others. You can add charisma and appeal by adding some attractive pillow covers and cushions. Sofas are of different types L shaped sofas, Fabric sofa, Corner Sofa, Wooden sofa, Sofa cum beds. Have a sneak peek to fetch an ideal piece to match your lifestyle.

Great sofa design and ideas for online shopping.

Sofa Set India: We invariably share laughter, candid conversations and create memorable hours on a sofa. Comfort with style is that combination of a piece of furniture which is a dream of every buyer. A sofa-set brings people together and ignites the feeling of joy and happiness within us as it gives an ecstatic moment to the guest and invitees. Then, why not to pick the best that becomes the reason for prospective cheerful gatherings. Select your favorite item such as rocking chairs, lounge chairs, coffee tables, console tables, tv unit, bookshelf, shoe rack, dining table, home décor, living room furniture at WoodenStreet

Online Sofa set - an epitome of excellence and luxury.

Buy sofa sets online from wooden Street to take a roller-coaster ride of opulence with comfort. We offer a divergent range of sofas that are rich in quality and mesmerizing designs. To provide a superior quality product with ease is Wooden Street top most priority and delivering customer satisfaction is its unwavering vow. We have a user-friendly interface that makes shopping from our website a simple and effortless task. Choose your desired product and select the payment option of your wish, we offer an array of payment modes like Debit Card, Credit Card, cash on delivery, Pay in installments, Internet banking to provide immense convenience to our discerning customers. Easily select from wide range and buy furniture online and also get interior design consultancy.

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Sofa set Ergonomics of a comforting

When we shift into our new homes, we opt for the best price, location and design in such a way that it represents our lifestyle. The way we up-do our homes reflects our personal aesthetics. But, the story does not end here, furniture too needs to be well-suited in accordance with the home interiors! If your furniture, say sofa set, causes pain in the neck and back, then all the investment and the hard work you put in designing your house, goes in vain! So, it becomes paramount to consider the ergonomics too, while choosing the furniture for your home. Sitting in inappropriate posture harms your musco-skeletal health, and you may get sores, strains, etc. That can’t be undone with any amount of yoga or Pilates! So don’t just decorate your homes with all that looks good and fits in with the color of the walls, in fact, go for the sofa set that doesn’t lay any ill repercussions to your body. So, check the following points that you must consider before buying a sofa set, that supports your body well, in the first place, and then also adds to the beauty of your living area:

  • Sofa sets should not be too sof : When you like a couch, you try to sit on it and check, whether this would be comfortable or not! But if you feel that the sofa is too soft, then refrain from buying it! If the sofa is too soft, that it swallows you inside itself, then it’s a big no-no to buy it! You must be pondering, why? This is because when you sit on that ultra soft or technically speaking, low-density foam, you get prone to injuries because sitting in them, and getting up from them lays a lot of pressure on your back and hip joints! Also, according to Ergonomics, the only posture that we must stick to is sitting with the back straight, knees bent at 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground or footrest and arms close to your body. Although, sitting continuously for hours is not recommended, but if it is the need of an hour, then make sure you get up and move about in every 20 minutes. Since a sofa set holds the responsibility of providing a comfortable seating, so see that the couch must be soft but not too soft that you get sunk-inside it like Bean bags.
  • Sofa sets should not be too low : If you buy a Chesterfield kind of sofa set, which is too low, then do not keep sitting on it for a prolonged duration. Because, when you get a low couch, and develop a habit of slouching on it for hours, then you will detriment your body shape as you will try to sit bending your knees at an angle less than 90 degrees. This posture pressurizes your discs and harms your back such that you develop a bulge! Be it an L-shaped sofa set, Futons or any other wooden sofa set, just take care of the height and softness of the sofa before buying it.

You can sit in different postures, but make sure you do not sit like a couch-potato in the same position for a longer duration of time. After all, a sofa set has a duty to render comfort and rest to your body, so do not kill the purpose!

All the companies that you approach for buying an ergonomic sofa set might cheat you, but you should check it by yourself. Consider the points mentioned above and sit on the couch and only then decide whether to buy the sofa set or not. After all, all your investment and comfort are at stake!

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50 Shades of Sofa Sets : To embellish magic inside your living area

We usually ponder whether could it have been any more beautiful without the presence of colors? Colors are the enthusiasm of life that make our life worth living. This is the reason why we prefer to see everything, wearing some eye-pleasing colors. This is the impact of colors on human life, by affecting our emotions and behavior.

When we decide to buy a sofa set for our home, we tend to note down the dimensions and budget in the first place. But, we do not realize that it could be daunting of the theme of the room and the sofa textiles are not well coordinated. So, out the myriad spectrum of colors, it becomes strenuous to choose one color for your sofa. So, to narrow down the list of choices, let us just choose the colors that enliven the space and do not visually over-occupy it. But in case, you love to alter the interiors scenario quite often, then go for the unconventional colors on the whim. Check out the following colors that, I feel could be the most suitable for your sofa set :

  1. White : The most timelessly voguish shade is white, and a white sofa set can be a feather-like addition to your living space. The elegance of this color when combined with pops of various bright colors, can make the ambiance of your living room, magical! It brightens the room well, but the material chosen for the upholstery must be capable of fighting stains that this color catches up easily.
  2. Cream : Cream colored sofa sets are the best when it comes to maintaining a warm and poised aura inside the living area. Add pops of Blue, red or gray and see the flamboyance flowing from the sofa set inside your house. It can instigate the sense of patience and power.
  3. Camel : The salient feature of this shade of sofa set is the never-ending beauty and charisma. This shade can be preferred for the leatherette sofa sets or even for the fabric sofas. The hounds-tooth checkering and the plain cream colored walls, evoke the sense of fashion and look stellar.
  4. Brown : The evergreen and the most timeless color for your sofa sets, in the truest sense, could be none other than Brown colors. It makes the living room look intense and classic. It can be very energizing to elevate the look of your living room if you opt for the darker shades of brown. Just mix and match them with the off white shades or some other floral patterns.
  5. Light and True Gray : The two most unwanted characteristics of gray are; one, they can hit the stains very quickly and two, that color gray is believed to instigate depression and frustration. But, despite all the staunch facts, this Both the light and dark shades of gray look equally beautiful and warm. This color has been going incredibly strong in fashion, which is also because of the ease of mixing and matching various colors with it.
  6. Mute and Beige : Some colors may look good for a longer than expected period, but many of them are just transitory options. So, to be on the safest side, we must go for neutral shades also. Muted shades of neutral aqua blue or neutral yellow, blend well with almost any type of interior. The living room look gets amplified when such colors are blended with the darker or the lightest versions of the same range.
  7. Natural green : The boost of positivity can be felt with the entrance of lush green interiors and natural and light green sofa set. The cushions imprinted with the watery blues and greens work, work wonders with this theme. A natural green sofa set can rejuvenate harmony and bring in freshness inside the decor.
  8. Black : Although black is also not believed to welcome good vibes inside the house, a black colored fabric sofa set or leatherette sofa can look bold and appealing. To shoos away the darkness accompanied with this rare selection, you can add the contrasting white shades near and around your living areas. This nullifies the effect and gives a very contemporary touch to the heart of your home.
  9. Blue : This can be very refreshing and new for the interiors of your house. Since, striking blue might be in fashion today, and not tomorrow, therefore, try to stay by the side of light blue shades. They look extremely attractive and can catch your breath if accompanied with fancy green or dark blue cushions.
  10. Pink :A sheer representative of joy and happiness, this color sofa sets can be good if placed inside the master bedrooms or guest rooms. If your entire house is themed including the color pink, then this can certainly be welcomed inside the living area as well.

The colors you chose, need attention because they represent your style and add to your comfort. So, make them look like your way of special.

The sofa sets have a great impact on the decor of your house, which is why the colour they carry is also equally responsible in pacifying our impression. They also have an intellectual, emotional and intuitive impact on us, so we must choose it well. Tan, beige or blue, and their nearest shades are the most pleasant colours that can be liked by your comfort regiment as well as your guests.

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